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If you're starting out in critical care, the extensive array of teaching tools make it easy to up-skill fast. A series of modules takes you through the basics of critical care, while our vodcasts and data interpretation help you make the most of your term.

Journal club

Crit-nurse makes staying upto date with the latest literature easy. Each month, the latest clincially relevant papers are presented in an easy to review format. Read the review, check out the paper share your thoughts and see what others think, all in one location

Crit-Nurse Educational and reference resource website

Crit-nurse has something for everyone. Pocasts, vodcasts and modules will appeal to all level of practitioners, and our extensive conference calendar, blog and news feed along with access to the latest literature will keep you up to date. No matter how experienced you are, if you work within the field of critical care Crit-nurse has something for you.

Recent News

  • 04:05 PM May 13th
    Know where to zero an arterial line for the calculation of cerebral perfusion pressure in traumatic brain injury?  Check out the latest guidelines...
  • 04:05 PM May 13th
    Check out the latest in the critical care literature on Neil's monthly wrap up podcast
  • 12:05 PM May 10th
    Several new Cochrane position statements related to critical care have just been added to our position statement library.  Check them out now!
  • 10:05 AM May 8th
    Latest Podcast : Carole Boulanger joins Todd to discuss the Advanced Critical Care Practitioner Nurse Consultant program in the UK
  • 10:05 AM May 8th
    New Position Statement : ACEP guidelines on the management of adults presenting to emergency departments with seizures

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